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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 25, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> searching for justice after winning a landmark lawsuit against the state, the parents of a man murdered on a prison bus speak to wjz. >> why their fight is not over and their taken to multimillion dollars verdict. >> i'm jeff carter and here's what people are talking about tonight. they've been waiting for justice for more than six years, the family of an inmate killed by a violent man while feet away from correctional officers believe the system failed them. we're at super max where their son was discovered dead. after being awarded more than $18 million. >> reporter: this is the jury sheet for what's believed to be the largest jury award against the prison system ever here in maryland. phillip parker's family hopes it sends a message. they believe their son was treated like his life did not
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matter. >> this is never going to be easy. >> reporter: phillip parker's mother has been living a nightmare for more than six years when her son was strangled to death, a vicious murder on a bus bound for baltimore. a jury awarded her, his father, and her son's estate $18.5 million from the state of maryland, finding the correction system was negligent in protecting phillip. >> never, no compassion, the words they used to describe my son, i will never get out of my head. >> the jury found four of the five officers on board that bus were negligent. attorneys for parker's family argued they did not properly restrain his killer kevin johns and they waited to get medical care for packager. >> i've become skeptical after
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40 years of doing this, of what it will mean. i hope there will be better attention paid. >> it's hard to say congratulations and be receptive of that. it's never congratulations for melissa and phil. >> you're responsible for somebody's life, you should be there and do what you're supposed to do. >> it's likely the state will appeal and because of limits against maryland's liability, it's unlikely the family will ever see all of that money, but they say they're not in it for that. they sum approximately don't want another family to go through what they did. >> it's always been about my son, nothing else, for me, and the guards had to sit and look me in the eye and explain to me why they did nothing to help my son. as long as i have a breath in my body, i will not stop fighting for my child. >> immediately after parker's death, the state did make some changes in the way they transported inmates. parker's parents believe they have a lot more work do.
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>> parker's killer committed suicide in prison two years ago. he had been convicted of murder three times. fumes force a school evacuation. more on the odor that sent students to the hospital. >> students started complaining they were sick early this morning at the rising stars academy. that's when they noticed a strong smell of chemicals. the 1st period arrived on scene and helped evacuate the building. the floor cleaner gave off intense fumes. four students were transported to the hospital for treatment and everybody was allowed back inside after crews cleaned the building. >> school will open on time tomorrow. a maryland lawmaker accused of taking bribes for political votes. we have the latest from the courthouse. very interesting cross-
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examination today. prosecutors continue hammering away at this defense strategy. they reported that curry's intelligence must be respected by his peers since he was granted so much responsibility. attorneys for maryland state senator curry tell the judge that their client will not take the stand in his defense. instead, elijah cummings with a parade of high politicians to testify on his behalf. he testified that he was an honest man. but he stands accused accused accused of accepting nearly a quarter million dollars in bribes for political favors. they're using what some call the idiot defense. anthony brown told the jury curry is honest but disorganized. prosecutors hit back, alluding that curry's powerful chairmanship of the state's budget is a complicated job, requiring a certain level of
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intelligence. defense attorneys argue that he's a paid consultant for shopper's food was legal, but he failed to disclose his work on ethics forms. testimony is expected to continue throughout this week and then jury members could begin deliberating sometime next week. we're live at the federal clubhouse, adam may, wjz news. >> he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of all the charges. the ravens fall short in the prime time spotlight. wjz has complete coverage of their loss to the jaguars. we've been talking to disappointed fans all day. let's go to mark vivianno with more on what head coach john harbaugh is saying today about the big upset. good evening, mark. >> reporter: plenty of disappointment for sure. the ravens have begun the process of regrouping after a rough night last night. now, they're going to try to get this thing figured out for sure as the coach says part of
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the process for them is the ravens have not received enough attention. after last night they may hope that no one saw at all. >> flacco, almost intercepted and the baltimore offense looks awful right now. >> mike, you're being kind. >> the ravens were historically bad, especially in the 1st half when they gained just 16 yards and had zero 1st downs. now, the ravens' defense did its usual stellar job. they did not allow a jacksonville touchdown, but that still wasn't enough because of a ravens' offense couldn't get going in a game they were expected to win. >> i think as the year goes on, we're going to get better and better. we're a young offense. we're going to continue to get better each week. >> a rough game for ray rice that led to him being benched
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in the 2nd quarter. he finished with just 8 carries. >> race rice is a phenomenal player. you have to use your phenomenal players. we have guys that can do great things. we have to use those guys. it's that simple. >> i agree with him whole heartedly. >> under coach john harbaugh, the ravens have been nearly unbeatable when facing losing teams. the coach reflected on the state of his team today after time to consider what happened. >> we played bad on one side of the ball, especially. and we didn't play well enough on the other two sides to overcome that. we take it as a team loss. you know, we'll bounce back as a team and keep fighting. we've been here before. we've been here from one game to the next. we've been here in seasons when we've been counted out. that's okay. i know our fans won't count us out and your players won't count us out. >> now, in that report you saw a brief comment from offensive coordinator cam cameron. if you listen to sports talk radio in this town, he was the subject of many fans' ire.
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coach harbaugh talked about his defensive coordinator. we'll hear more in sports. >> it seems everyone has their own idea of what exactly went wrong for the ravens. we're live with tonight's fan cam. >> good evening. yeah, we took our fan cam everywhere. even though people are disappointed, they're not ready to throw in the towel anytime soon. >> if not for the signs across town, you may forget that boston is bursting with purple pride. >> terrible. they really did bad, real bad. >> from downtown to a random bus stop on bellaire road. >> he kept getting jammed. jaguars, they were going for blood, and they got it. >> cross street market. >> i think they could have done a better job. >> the out look for the ravens season is anything but sweet after a loss to the
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jacksonville jaguars. adding insult to injury, it was a prime time game on monday night football. >> what do you think went wrong? >> i don't think they came to play. it was almost like they were playing to the level of their expected competition as opposed to playing their a game. >> everybody seems to have their own theory. check out our wjz fan cam. >> i blame it on the coaches. they didn't readjust when they found out how the defense was playing them. >> my biggest disappointment was how unmotivated we were. >> joe flacco and ray rice couldn't get anything started until it was too late. >> they were getting mugged. >> turnovers. >> even on wjz 105.7 the fan, callers can't help by vent. >> everybody is getting ready to jump off a bridge and pointing the finger at flacco. >> despite being down for now, everyone we talked to is. >> it's not over.
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we're just down, not out. we just had a bad day. that's all. >> and that's what all the fans we spoke with want to stress that even though they're bummed, they're really to brush it off and move on to the next win. >> reporting live tonight, wjz eyewitness news. >> we'll be clearing them on. -- cheering them on. they're back home on sunday against the arizona cardinals and will face former teammate todd heap. at least the weather was on our side. we can't blame bob for this one. the sun is getting ready to set after it shined all day long. changes could be on the way. it was a beautiful afternoon. temperatures in the upper 60s, maybe a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow. take a look at the radar. nothing around here with 62 degrees. out to the west, shower activity and a front is developing. some of that moisture will be head ordway tomorrow night and thursday could be a chilly and
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wet day. look at these temperatures. 63 out there. coolest spot, 54 out in oakland ocean city and 66 in cumberland and washington. now, that and the tropics, we still have a hurricane we're talking about. bernadette has the latest look at hurricane rina. >> now, the storm is gaining a lot of strength. let's show you what's going on. this storm has exploded just off the yucatan peninsula. it's a category two hurricane. winds over 100 miles per hour and it's barely moving off to the west at three miles per hour. this storm is going to gain additional strength before interacting with the peninsula itself. it's going to make landfall or brush it enough to be an issue, enough to make it weakened. now, it's going to turn off to the east and it's going to lose some of the strength. here are the forecast models. most of it taking into the straights there. it's something we'll watch.
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those that direct lacer pointers at aircraft are failing to stop the dangerous practice. the numbers of incidents are headed to an all-time high. >> strong, cheap, and strong. this laser is seen more than a mile away, but it's able to make the pilots unable to see their instruments or the ground. >> the pilot said he thought he was getting lasered. >> it lit up the whole cockpit. once it hits that glass, it convexes and it will shine across the whole cockpit. >> they landed and arrested a local 36-year-old man. the charges were thrown out, but had the man struck it after may of this year, a new federal law could have led to federal charges. there are new laws and it may be surprising to learn that the number of incidents have increased. there's almost as many this
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year as there were in all of last year. last year, 136 aircraft were struck. there have been 2,733. that means we're on track to have 800 more incident this is year because jetliners fly on a reggie pathway in and out of airports and can't see who lasered them. police choppers, they can and do hunt down the bad guys. most apprehensions and convictions have come from police. >> but it's a huge problem. it's dangerous. you can cause somebody to die or crash the aircraft, whatever, so even though it's fun, it's a serious problem. find something on the ground to laser. >> if convicted, shining a laser pointer at an aircraft, fines range from 11,000 to $250,000. >> coming up tonight, rescued from the rubble, a baby is pulled from safety days after a
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devastating earthquake in turkey. we have pictures. delay for the defense, how a witness in the michael jackson death trial caused a recess. a 43-year-old woman is murdered inside her home. coming up, we're going to hear from the victim's family. >> a beautiful sunset on this tuesday evening, but is rain on the way? your updated weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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inside this quiet house is where police say someone beat and killed 43-year-old sherry canty. >> alex was at work when his stepson and a friend found her. this has hit this tight-knit family hard. >> it's a bundle of nerves. >> sherry's father told us his daughter had no enemies. >> there were no science -- signs of forced entry. >> police say canty did run a small shop out of her home where she would sell candy and dvds. >> it was open to pretty much anybody in the neighborhood. >> police are hoping that neighbors may have seen something. >> if they were acting out of
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the ordinary, perhaps hurried or seemed nervous, to please contact detectives. >> had i heard anything, that would have been the first thing, to call somebody. >> sherry's friend next-door neighbor. we thought a lot of her, and it hurt my heart that she's gone. >> as the family tries to deal with her loss, they have a message about who did this. >> turn yourself in. they will catch you. police say because of a few things inside her home, they are looking at robbery. >> thank you very much. hpv is the no. 1 sexually transmitted disease in the united states. at least 50% of sexually active people will get it at some
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point in their lives. the vaccine is recommended for girls between the age of 9 and 26 to reduce their risk of cancer. a harvard school takes ann takes -- an approach to bullying. it's inspired by a murder victim. some are bullied and scarred for life. others like massachusetts bb prince to death. >> my little girl once so full of life was now so cold. >> and there was 17-year-old rachel scott was a girl who cared about others. >> those picked on, she wanted to reach out to them. >> she was the first to die at columbine. today her uncle told rachel's story to middle school students in bellaire, inviting them to
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take rachel's challenge. schools are supposed to provide a safe haven learning environment. it's estimated 282,000 students nationwide are attacked each month and 160,000 students are missing school each day because of bullying. 71% report it as an ongoing problem. 56% report witnessing pulleying and one of ten students transfer schools or drops out because of bullying. >> maryland schools engage in a number of antibullying programs. as one of many ways to counter these kinds of physical and emotional attacks. rachel's challenge focuses on good works and understanding. >> it's really helped me realize that i can forgive the people who hurt me. >> grownups get the same message when it's taught in businesses. and according to its
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website, rachel's challenge has reached millions since the organization was formed after her death. >> pat, thank you. a presentation is also taking place at the school at 7:00 tonight. time to check in now with bob. we saw a beautiful sunset a moment ago. >> it will be not quite as nice tomorrow, but it will be warm. temperatures 63 degrees. bit of a change in wind moving southwest. the barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at the forecast right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's a look outside right now. the sun is just about to go bye- bye, bob. what a wonderful day. during the day tomorrow, we'll see increasing clouds. maybe by late tomorrow night some shower activity moves back into the region. now, most of the day will be pretty pleasant and mild. take a look at the temps. still in the mid-60s. oakland up in the mountains at 54 degrees and then 60 in ocean city. in between 64 in hagarstown and d.c. and cumberland coming in
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at 66. the dew point will be coming up tomorrow, probably getting into the low to mid-60s. moisture, humidity and there's shower activity by later tonight. low to mid-60s. got up to 68 degrees today. a normal high of 64, so it's really nice. winds are just beginning to turn out of the southwest. that will keep us a little milder tonight than last night and tomorrow will be maybe two or three degrees warmer than today. we might get to 70 degrees tomorrow. now, interesting note for you. denver, with 80 degrees yesterday. this afternoon, there were 59. tonight after midnight they would drop to 29 by morning tomorrow. they could see four to six, maybe even eight inches of snow in the denver area. if you're headed that way, lookout. winter is headed your way. that front is going to eventually cross the country. it will bring with us, in this part of country, shower
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activity, increasing clouds and eventually it's going to turn chilly and by tend of the weekend, looks like pretty cold air. highs in the upper 40s to low 50s compared to the upper 60s. to the north, shower activity. that will not impact us yet, but tomorrow night, some of the clouds may be approaching to the west. that low pressure kind of running along those fronts and so the shower activity basically on thursday and then it turns cooler behind that. temperatures dropping quite a bit. nighttime lows in the 30s and believe it or not, far western maryland friday and saturday may see wet snow west of the mountain areas. southwest winds keeping it mild tomorrow for one more day. bay temp around 63. tonight, look for clear to partly cloudy skies. 45 to about 50 in the city. tomorrow, increasing clouds. tomorrow night it's not going
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to be heavy. high near 70s and 50 with rain and chilly temps on thursday. knew it couldn't last. >> thanks, bob. a texas man diving in australia is killed by a 10-foot long great white shark. today i spoke with an underwater photographer who has experience with sharks and shark bites. he wants to know exactly what may have led the latest attack. >> george wainwright was diving along a boat in western australia when he was fatally attacked by a shark. two of wainwrights' friends saw bubbles coming from the water and called for help. police say the shark, a 10-foot great white surfaced and even nudged the dive boat as wainwright's friends retrieved his body. he floated to the surface and the shark was seen as they were leaving the area to come back into tompson's bay.
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>> we try to pride ourselves in collecting data to predict these animals. >> he has made a career of swimming toward these dangerous sharks. he says shark attacks like this one are all too familiar. >> i think of my own accident that happened a long time ago, but it was provoked. i hope the story that comes out is filled with accurate information. >> it's said it's important to understand shark behavior before determining whether there's a shark problem for if this was just an unfortunate incident. >> sometimes -- i hate to use this -- but it's just bad luck. he may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> he moved to australia to work with a marine company. his family says he had a passion for being on the water. >> last year there were 14 unprovoked accidents reported. there's typically one shark attack in australia every year. >> still to come tonight on wjz
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eyewitness news. buried alive, turkey rescue workers pull a baby to safety, but what about her mother? occupy protests turn violent when protesters clash with police. coming up, keeping the people afloat who keep the coast guard afloat. coast guard afloat. that sto [ female announcer ] this is trish. trish uses aetna's personal health record to track her kids' immunizations, get lab results, see her family medical history, and when she's at the doctor's office, she uses it to remember what to ask before she leaves. it helps trish keep everyone in her clan healthy. even on the go. see for yourself, ♪
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it is now 6:32, 63 degrees and clear. thanks for staying with wjz. here are some of the stories people are talking about. rescued from the rubble, crews pull a baby from rubble a day after the country was rocked by an earthquake. >> reporter: this dramatic video captures the moment turkish rescue crews found the small amount of life among so much death. they pulled a 2-week-old baby girl out of a collapsed
6:33 pm
apartment building alive. rescue workers in turkey cheered as paramedics rushed the newborn to an ambulance. this relative says the baby was found nearly 48 hours after the earthquake hit, but as ra's mother was still pinned next to a sofa. her grandmother was also in the wreckage. rescuers spent hours digging through the rubble to try to save her mother, and they did, carrying the 25-year-old out on a stretcher. soon after they freed asra's 73- year-old grandmother too. the rescues came in one of the hardest hit quake zones where hope is fading, but after saving three generations of the same family, crews are not giving up. tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. the father of the baby is
6:34 pm
still trapped under the building. his condition is unknown. the death toll is nearing 400 with hundreds still missing. classes in california. police in oakland arrest dozens of protesters for refusing to leave a plaza outside of city hall. more on how demonstrations turned ugly. >> jessica, demonstrators began camping out two weeks ago. the city supported the occupation but then conditions deteriorated. some were led away kicking and screaming. afterwards, tents were removed and makeshift shelters. the city has been trying to get the protesters to leave since thursday, citing violence. >> as well as maintaining the city's responsibility to public health and safety. >> the demonstrators say they
6:35 pm
will be back to camp out tonight. we'll see what happens tonight. >> police also made about a half dozen arrests while clearing out a smaller protest site not far away. here at home. occupy baltimore is heating up. according to the website, the city rejected the request for a apartment to remain camped out. the city is suggesting a compromise to allow them to stay there during the but only two people would be allowed to stay overnight. they want an intervention. blaming michael. defense attorneys are trying to slow the singer accident tally killed himself. >> reporter: michael jackson's nurse practitioner took the stand for the second day. >> he looked at me and said i have a lot of difficulty sleeping.
6:36 pm
i've tried everything and what i need is something that's going to help me fall asleep right away. and he went more into the only thing that would do that is diprivan. >> propofol is sold under the brand name diprivan. >> he said doctors have told me it's safe. i just need to be monitored. >> dr. murray is accused of administering the fatal dose. >> both sides would have the weekend to work on closing arguments that would then be presented to the jury next week. it's still unclear if the defense will call conrad murray to take the stand on his own behalf. >> it may not hurt to take the stand and it may be the only way that he can possibly salvage his defense. >> the defense is also planning on calling the promotor of jackson's comeback plans in
6:37 pm
concert in london as well as the artist's makeup artist and hairstylist. >> janet jackson said over the weekend that she's postponing part of her australia tour to be close to her family as the case draws close to a close. the poll shows herman cain in the lead among primary voters, but the field is always wide open. 80% of republicans surveyed say they have not made up their mind about who they will vote for in the primaries. talk of slashing federal budgets may have the ax falling elsewhere in maryland but not the coast guard yard in baltimore. worker there is received some very welcomed news from uncle sam. >> the coast guard tall ship eagle is sitting high out of the waters for repairs. >> it's here because this is the only coast guard shipyard, the one and only. >> that may help with job
6:38 pm
security for 500 local workers, but with cuts in defense looming, a little extra assurance doesn't hurt. today it arrived with $600 million in federal funding. >> five cutters between now and 2014 will be repaired, will be modernized, will be retrofitted right here at the coast guard yard. >> guaranteed work even for just a couple of years is welcomed news, and it's hoped for more. >> i've been here only six years, and i plan on retiring from here. any more jobs we can get coming in, i'm real excited about it. >> i'm blessed, put it that way. there's a lot of people out here that don't have jobs, losing their jobs. we're pretty fortunate out there. >> repairing five older coast guard cutters is cheaper than buying new. >> it would cost over $2 billion. these ships don't come cheap. >> work makes it possible for
6:39 pm
cost guard to go out in weather that would keep anyone else on shore. >> the boats go out in very challenging conditions. mother nature is a very tough customer. >> so are winds of economic change that are blowing past the coast guard yard for now. wjz, eyewitness news. >> the coast guard's shipyard has been here since 1899 during its peek in the 1940s. as many as 4,000 baltimore employees worked there. some of the stories you will find in tomorrow's edition of the baltimore sun. look for community efforts to save the rec center from closing. this week's top girl and boy high school athletes and top chef competitors are now collaborators in a new cookbook. remember to look for the updated forecast from the wjz weather team. still to come on eyewitness
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news, back behind bars, a convict is caught but his cell mate is still on the loose. a dazzling light show. weather center, a cooldown on the way and showers too. i will have the 5-day forecast wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on all the day's news and updated forecast, please log onto ,,,,,,,,,, man: my electric bill was breaking the bank.
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the body of moammar gadhafi is buried in a secret location. he was killed last week by rebel fighters. officials say he was buried in an unmarked grave with one of his sons during an islamic ceremony today. the location is being kept secret to keep it from being vandalized or made into a shrine. an escaped killer escaped but tonight he's back in custody. they escaped from jail in florida. taylor was caught 30 miles south of the prison. two women helped them get away. they were also arrested. police are still looking for the cell mate.
6:44 pm
a man accused of killing yeardley love wants access to medical records. hugley is accused of killing her in her apartment, but his attorneys say she died from an irregular heartbeat due to combining adderall with alcohol. last year a judge sealed the records and a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. floods in ireland's capital city. dublin is under an alert and train service is suspended. many homes are under water. the weather service says more than a month's worth of rain has fall minnesota 24 hours. the northern lights put on quite a show from wisconsin to alabama, some people reported seeing them here in maryland. the aurora borealis is typically only seen in other regions of the world. it's as a result of a solar
6:45 pm
eruption that happened yesterday afternoon. scott pelley has a preview of what's coming up tonight. a crackdown here on the west coast as dozens of occupy protesters are arrested. a news poll shows what americans think of the movement. we'll have that story tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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a terrific tuesday across the region as we enjoy mild conditions for now. first morning weather coverage and bernadette woods are updating the forecast for us. here's bern. we're going to start out with with sunshine mixing with clouds in the 40s, but as we head through the day, the clouds are going to thicken up. it will be mild by tomorrow night. and then there's a chance for rain to move into the picture. that will bring big changes. for more on that, here's bob. the rain will be with us on thursday and dropping down to the upper 50s and low 60s, but tomorrow may be up to 70 before the clouds come in. 58 could be some more shower
6:49 pm
activity by late friday into saturday. not 100% sure on this. we veal to wait for 58-37-39 sunshine expected on thursday. could see some frost in some of those areas. >> because of the ravens' game last night, cbs programming was preempted. so to catch up, overnight tonight you can see how i met your mother at 1:30 and two broke girls at 2:07 a.m. to see when the rest of the shows will air, go to and click on the entertainment section. >> i think people would have rather seen two broke girls last night. >> i think the ravens would have rather watched. >> the ravens fall apart in prime time. >> mark talks to the team next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
mark is live tonight at the ravens' complex with wjz fan sports report. >> i bet they were doing a lot of reviewing out there tonight. >> that's what you do after a game like last night. it was a terrible loss by the ravens in jacksonville, but the head coach has not completely lost his sense of humor. asked today, john harbaugh was asked about the team gathering
6:53 pm
to get over what they went through last night. he said it's not like they're going on oprah, but it's still football. they will meet and figure out their mistakes. and the most egregious and obvious errors were on offense as joe flacco and cam cameron never got the team in gear. not a sickle 1st -- single 1st down in the 1st half. the offensive line, receivers, you can blame everybody, but a lot of fans want to blame cam cameron first and foremost and harbaugh was asked about coordinator. >> it's just a bad performance. everybody knows it. cam has broad shoulders. he's a tough guy. he's been doing this for a long time. everybody in this building respects him. nobody is going to fight harder to make this offense achieve what it's capable of achieving.
6:54 pm
>> now, among the controversies that arose, the objection of the linebacker -- kicked out for a shove to the face of a jags' player after a whistle. his players are taught not to retaliate to an opponent. he gave his version after the game. >> he molested me first. he spun me around and pushed me and hit me in the face. so i retaliated. this was all after the whistle, so i retaliated after. that it is what it is. i definitely learned a lesson. the next time somebody does that, i will have to do a flop and be a little bit smarter. >> now, as far as an injury update, john harbaugh said yesterday that terrence cody and ed reed both suffered neck injuries yesterday, not serious neck injuries. cody should be okay. reed should be okay, but because of reed's history of injuries that, one is less
6:55 pm
predictable. the ravens take on the arizona cardinals in baltimore on sunday. he's talk some -- let's talk some baseball as the texas rangers stand one win away from the world series champion in the 40-year franchise history. they took a series lead with a comeback victory over the cardinals in game five in arlington on the. mike napoli came through with a big hit. , his double brought in two runs and those runs held up in a 4-2 texas victory. second straight game that napoli has delivered a big hit. >> anybody in this lineup can do it. you've got the give beltre credit for tying it up. if he doesn't do it, i don't do it in the final inning. we all do it together. >> game six is tomorrow night. -- the cardinals need two wins in a row and texas has not lost two straight in two months.
6:56 pm
more on the ravens at 11:00. we'll be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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prime time lineup at cbs. stay tuned for eyewitness news
6:59 pm
at 11:00. >> that's >> pelley: tonight from the bay area, a crackdown on the occupy movement. police in riot gear put an end to a two-week-old demonstration. john blackstone is covering. those demonstrations are about the economy, and in a new cbs news poll out tonight, 85% say it's not getting better. norah o'donnell puts the question to the treasury secretary. >> is the economy getting worse? >> in the madness of the turkish earthquake, a miracle. and dr. jon lapook on a new recommendation today on whether the hpv vaccine should be given to boys. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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